A Slow Start to 2023

2022 was a year of many ups and downs. Despite the slow start, all that this past year had thrown at me continued to remind me of my passion and why I started this company in the first place.
We have had a bit of a slow start again this year, but I think that that’s okay. Take the time to rest and recharge, you don’t need to change your whole life on January first. 2023 feels like a fresh start and I am excited and looking forward to the year ahead and the growth of No Rain. A few of our goals for the new year are to grow the No Rain community, expand our product offerings, and continue to release blog posts relevant to the message our company aims to spread.

We have felt the pressure of building this company and have sometimes been discouraged by not being where we hoped to be, but we want to make it understood that it is okay to have a slow start on some of your goals. With every start to a new year, there tends to be an overwhelming need to start your resolutions, but good things take time and we urge you to take as much as you need.

Take care of yourself this new year. Your mental health is important and should always be a top priority. As stated, there is a lot of pressure at the start of a new year, but we will continue to remind you that it is okay to not be okay sometimes. It’s okay to have a slow start, to push back your plans to rest, or say no to things you don’t feel like doing. Protect your peace in this new year.

Coming into the new year we also urge you to try to do something kind for someone else, you have no idea what they could be dealing with. Remember that caring for others doesn’t always have to be some big grand gesture, something as simple as just listening to someone when they have a bad day, or buying a meal for someone in need, can make the world's difference.

Finally, with the present state of our planet, we want to continue to advocate for the safekeeping of our Earth. You may think your actions alone have little effect on the planet’s well being, but you are wrong. Pick up your trash, maybe bike one day rather than drive to work, reduce your carbon footprint.

2023 is a year of new beginnings, no matter how soon or late you get there. We want to make a change for the better this year, and we hope you will too.

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