An Interview with the Founder of No Rain

An Interview with the Founder of No Rain

With this month being the two year anniversary of the launch of No Rain, we wanted to sit down with the founder to ask her a few questions about the brand, how these last two years have been, and what the future looks like for No Rain. 

Q: When did you get the idea to start this company? 

A: I had always wanted to have my own “store” since I was young. As I got older my appreciation for fashion and finding my own style grew. I studied retailing and consumer behavior in college and that's when I really started thinking about starting my own clothing brand. I was also learning more about sustainability and the negative effects the fashion industry has on the environment. I was trying to not shop fast fashion as much as possible, but was struggling to find eco-conscious clothing brands that fit my style and weren’t crazy expensive. That was when I decided I wanted to create an eco-conscious street style brand. I graduated in May of 2020, right at the start of the pandemic. With an abundance of time on my hands, I decided there was no better time to start. 

Q: Where did the name No Rain come from? 

A: I always liked the phrase “no rain, no flowers”. The idea that bad days and hard times help us to appreciate the good ones while also acting as a catalyst to growth and change has always stuck with me. I felt the phrase was fitting for the brand I wanted to build, so I shortened it to No Rain. 

Q: When did you realize you were interested in the sustainability and well-being of the earth and its occupants?

A: I became more interested in sustainability during college. A friend of mine was taking some classes on sustainability and she really introduced me to the topic. I learned a lot from her and it quickly became something that was really important to me. Studying fashion, I always heard things like “the fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry”, but wasn’t hearing much about what the industry was doing to fix that. I took it upon myself to learn more about sustainability efforts within the fashion industry and decided if I was going to have any part in it, I would be as eco-conscious as possible. 

Q: What was your inspiration behind No Rain? 

A: When I decided I was going to move forward with starting my own clothing brand in 2020, I thought a lot about what I wanted the brand to mean. During this time, I felt this lack of empathy and compassion in the world, especially when it came to things that are important to me personally. I decided I wanted my brand to be built around the premise of kindness, not only for the planet and the impact the clothing you wear has on it, but also about other people, yourself, and your mental health. I had a vision of a world where people cared, and I wanted to build a community around that idea. 

Q: How do you feel about how far you have come and the things you have created so far? 

A: I’m proud of what I’ve started, and how far I’ve come though it's definitely been hard at times. There’s been times when I’ve felt really inspired and other times I’ve really lacked inspiration and motivation. I think taking an idea you have and actually doing it is something to be proud of in and of itself. It’s definitely been slow moving, but I’m glad I’ve kept going and am excited about the future of the brand. 

Q: Do you feel you have made an impact on people and the world or could in the future? 

A: I’d like to think so. Going forward, I’d like to build a bigger community and bring people together. I’d also like to work with other organizations that are doing important work, whether it be donating a portion of our profits or collaborating with small artists and designers. I’d like to just continue spreading the message that it's cool to care. 

Q: Has there ever been a time you felt discouraged or like building a brand was too complex, too much? 

A: Definitely. There's been lots of times I’ve felt discouraged and thought about calling it quits, but I keep coming back to why I started in the first place. Owning a brand and business is hard, but it’s also something I’m passionate about and enjoy doing. I think I’ve created a good foundation and there’s a lot of room for growth and expansion. I feel as though I haven’t had a chance to really put all I have into the brand, until now, so it wouldn’t be fair to give up on it now. 

Q: What ideas do you have for the future?

A: I have lots of ideas for the future of No Rain. Right now, I’m focused on building a larger community surrounding the brand. We are also launching a new product this month which will be the first in a new product category for us. In the future, I hope to keep expanding our product offerings, collaborate with other organizations, brands, artists, etc., and give back to our community whether it be through donations or events. I’m very excited about the future and all of the opportunities for the brand.

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