Body Confidence

With the weather reaching sunny and seventy five, many of us are grasping for our suits to take a dip in the water, but for others, the summer season can bring stress and struggles with confidence. 

Throughout the year there is this talk of working towards the perfect summertime body. But what does that really mean? There is the pressure of working out to achieve this ideal figure, but then our confidence fades when we don’t see that desired look when the summer time comes around. We want to remind you that there is no distinct summer body. No matter your shape and size, we all have a body fit for a bathing suit and summer activities. 

Here is a reminder that we are all our harshest critics. As much as it may be hard to believe, nobody is thinking about you and the way you look as much as you are. Don’t waste your time and energy stressing about what others are thinking and instead wear what makes you comfortable and confident. Confidence is attractive and the more you believe you look good, the more others will think the same. 

Now, we all enjoy receiving compliments, but next time you consider commenting on someone’s appearance, think about the consequences, the purpose of your words, or the opposing effect they can bring before actually voicing them. You could think commenting on how great you think a person looks would be a compliment, but for some it can be triggering. Just think about your audience and the harm your words could bring before sharing your thoughts. Everyone has internal battles that no one else knows about, so just be considerate.

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