Self Love

The driving factor of our business is to promote the message of spreading kindness and caring for all aspects of our world. With the month of February upon us, we want to further emphasize the idea of love. Love is not just about being in a romantic relationship although the concept of Valentine’s Day might blur that mindset. This month’s blog post will share some ways in which you can show yourself love. 

Caring about something and loving something may look similar in ways. Last month we talked about a few different ways you can show that you care, but love is more than just that. When it comes to loving yourself, it goes beyond just physically taking care of your external being. Mental health is as important as ever, and loving yourself has a lot to do with what you think of yourself. Feeding your mind positive thoughts, doing little things throughout your day that make you feel good, or treating yourself to a relaxing spa day or movie night every once in a while are all ways to help you feel good about yourself. It can sometimes be hard to find things you love about yourself, especially with the pressures of the outside world weighing down on you, but remembering that everyone is supposed to be different, and that doesn’t make you any less lovable than the next, is an important thing to keep in mind. Looking in the mirror and recognizing all the good qualities about yourself or consistently speaking out positive affirmations are both ways to instill those thoughts into your mind. 

So go out and buy yourself some flowers, drink that glass of wine, eat those chocolates, take yourself on a date! You deserve to be treated and you deserve to be loved. 

Some self date ideas:

  • Order takeout and have a movie night at home
  • Sit at a bar and read a book
  • Cook a fancy meal for yourself and have a glass of wine or a mocktail
  • Have an at home spa night
  • Take a class (ceramics, cooking, painting, etc.)
  • Take yourself to a movie
  • Go to a bookstore
  • Treat yourself to a nice meal
  • Check out your local thrift stores
  • Have a picnic in the park
  • Go to a concert 
  • Take a bath and listen to a podcast
  • Go get a facial or massage
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