Spring Break Reminder

For many, March is the month for a vacation. High school and college students escape their towns for the warmth of a beach, families go visit their loved ones in another state, or perhaps they just need a break. Whatever their reason, it is important to remember if you are going on a trip this season, be respectful of the people that live there and their homes. 

No matter where you go, you must always keep in mind that for some, this is their home, and they didn’t ask for a bunch of “spring breakers” to visit and leave it any other way than it was prior. Pick up your trash. If you are renting a home, be respectful of the people that live next door. When going out to eat or shop, consider trying a local business. 

Spring break is something many people look forward to, but for others, with the expectancy of all the tourists to come, dread it. 

So be considerate this spring break. It is not asking much.

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